Atlanta child murder

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Atlanta attorney fatally shoots wife in SUV: Accident or cold-blooded murder?

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Wayne Williams was convicted of two adult murders but never charged in more than two dozen other killings blamed on him that terrorized Atlanta from to Atlanta attorney fatally shoots wife in SUV: Accident or cold-blooded murder? A wealthy labor lawyer shoots his high-profile wife from the backseat of their SUV -- he says it was an accident.

Click here for complete coverage on Justin Ross Harris, the man accused of leaving his month-old son in the car to die. 2nd person charged with murder after woman's body found in car trunk.

The Atlanta murders of –, sometimes called the Atlanta Child Murders (although several of the reported victims were adults), were a series of murders committed in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia, from the middle of until May Over the two-year period, at least 28 children, adolescents and adults were killed.

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Atlanta child murder
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