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Recent News. Professor Lynn Meskell received an honorary degree from The American Univerisity of Rome. Lindsay Der (PhD candidate) received a Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowship from the Stanford Humanities Center.

Tim Wilcox (PhD candidate) was awarded a DARE fellowship. Jennifer Lorys Tamas.

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Ph.D. Candidate in French. Curriculum Vitae. She is also a Fellow of the Stanford Humanities Center and holds a Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowship. Her project is entitled: "A Revolution in Rhetoric: Declarations in Old Regime and Revolutionary France".

Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowships are the only dissertation fellowships in the humanities that are open to applicants from the School of Education. Lieberman applicants should also provide evidence of teaching ability including a teaching statement. The Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowships, endowed by Theodore and Frances Geballe, are awarded to doctoral students whose work is of the highest distinction and promise.

The fellowship stipend for is expected to be $26, plus TGR fees. Glory Liu, Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellow Department of Political Science, Stanford University Inventing the Invisible Hand: Adam Smith and the. Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center () The Europe Center Graduate Student Grant, The Europe Center (Stanford) () Smithsonian Predoctoral Fellow, National Museum of American History ().

Geballe dissertation prize fellowship
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