Manhattan project primary sources

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The Manhattan Project

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Primary Sources Manhattan Project. Just before the First World War, The task of creating the atomic bomb had been entrusted to a special unit of the Army Corps of Engineers, the so-called Manhattan District, headed by Major General Leslie R. Groves. The primary effort, however, had come from British and American scientists, working in.

Debates on the post-WWII use of atomic energy began during the Manhattan Project. Begin discussion of these with primary documents on the Truman Library web site. What did policymakers in the United States foresee about the use of atomic energy? With a free MI account, you can follow specific scholars or subjects, search MI's research archives and past articles, and receive customized news and updates from the Institute.

The Manhattan Project. The United States in late established a secret program, which came to be known as the Manhattan Project, to develop an atomic bomb, a powerful explosive nuclear weapon. Using Primary Sources; the United States was also working furiously at home toward the completion of the Manhattan Project.

This huge research and development project was begun in June to develop a superexplosive weapon based on the nuclear fission process. It was hoped that such a superweapon would end the war. First-hand evidence and testimony by witnesses or recorders of the development and implementation of the first atomic bombs.

Manhattan Project Manhattan project primary sources
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