Skywriting above rose parade

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Untimely Deaths of Famous People Who Mocked God – Fiction! and Unproven!

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Dumping on Trump: Skywriters troll GOP frontrunner from high above California’s Rose Parade

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Above the Rose Parade, a skywriter wrote, “America is great, Trump is disgusting, anyone but Trump.” On 1/5/16 on The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore accused Sanders of being behind the skayra.coms defended himself, saying, “I don’t have to spend money to make Donald Trump look dumb.

Skywriters have message for Trump at Rose Parade

Spectators at the Rose Parade in California were distracted from the floats and flowers when anti-Donald Trump skywriting appeared over the annual California event Friday. 'Trump is disgusting': Skywriters take aim at US presidential hopeful anti-Trump stunt above the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena.

How to Ruin Someone's Life Secretly or Publicly

is disgusting' Rose Parade skywriting." The Rose Parade is. A message denouncing Republican billionaire Donald Trump floated high above the Rose Parade in Southern California Friday, calling the presidential candidate "disgusting." The skywriting scrawled. Is a Caravan of Central American Asylum-Seekers Demanding Special Treatment?

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Complexity Addiction

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Skywriting above rose parade
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