Why so expensive

Why are razor blades so expensive?

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Data Protection Choices

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Why is Argentina Expensive for a Traveler

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Why is London so expensive? You asked Google – here’s the answer

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Why are scallops so expensive?

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This is in addition to 3 recommendations of Insulation that work the walls extra thick, admittedly and unbreakable. We always pay it. Jul 30,  · Scallops aren't the only item that is expensive anymore, fresh seafood in general is more expensive and I'm not just talking about sailors who peddle their asses.

And don't look for it to go down anytime soon, gas prices and the failure of the corn crop (which affects alot more than one realizes) due to drought are going to make things. In the last installment of our series on luxury foods, Simon Majumdar reveals why a rare mushroom can cost you the equivalent of a mortgage payment.

Feb 10,  · Western Canada cheap? Nope. When I started looking a couple of months ago, it was going to cost us close to $rtn each. With a lot of wrangling and buying my flight down separate from my return, its costing us $rtn each.

Much better than the. Home Uncategorized Why is Healthcare So Expensive? July 5, by Rolando in Uncategorized 0 0 Why is the U.S. paying so much more for care and not appearing at the top of the rankings?

Apr 23,  · But why would cheaper solar panels and wind turbines make electricity more expensive? The main reason appears to have been predicted by a young German economist in Original art is expensive, because an artist’s time is valuable, an artist’s story is valuable, and an artist needs to pay bills and put food on the table.

And sometimes, original art is ridiculously expensive because that artist achieved fame and now gets to f*&$ with rich people.

Why so expensive
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